• How can I change my personal details?

    To update your personal data at BetGoals follow these instructions:

    •  Log in to your BetGoals account using your email address and password.

    • Navigate to the MY PROFILE section.

    • Make the necessary changes and click SUBMIT to update.

    Follow any additional verification steps required.

    Note that address change will not be available, we need a little more information to make this change. Click here to learn the step-by-step instructions before contacting us and ensure a faster and more effective update.

    If you are still having trouble changing any of the data available on your page, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help!

  • How can I change my home address?
    If you would like to change your home address, either due to moving or incorrect typing, please send us an updated proof of residence.

    Eligible proofs are:
    Consumer bills such as water, electricity, gas, landline telephone, internet, bank statement, tax report, or correspondence from a central or local government authority.

    This document should not be older than three (3) months.
    Mobile phones are not included.
    ATTENTION. All four corners of any forwarded document must be visible.

    The document must show your full address and your name as registered on your BetGoals account.
  • Can I change my email?

    To update your email at BetGoals, please contact our Customer Support Team, we'll be happy to help!