• Is there a maximum bet for playing with casino bonuses?

    There is no maximum bet limit, however, you will need to meet the wagering requirement.

    For our Casino Welcome Offer, the wagering is 35x deposit + bonus.
    The bets contribution for wagering requirements are: Slot games: 100%, Table games 10%.
    You can check our Welcome Casino offer information here

    Please remember to check our General Bonus Terms and Conditions:

  • What is a bonus?

    A bonus is a special offer of playable funds offered by BetGoals for our players to further enjoy our products, such as sports betting, poker, and casino.

    Each offer is unique and exclusive, so it is important to keep track of the different requirements associated with it.

    Learn about the most common types of bonuses offered.

    Winnings from the use of bonuses will be restricted until wagering requirements are met, including withdrawal of funds. Each bonus has different wagering requirements, to better understand how they work, click here.

  • I didn’t receive my bonus
    If you did not receive your welcome offer upon your first qualifying deposit, even though you selected it from the cashier, please do not play with the funds and contact our Customer Support Team.
    If you play with the funds of your deposit before adding the bonus, our team would not be able to add the bonus and you will not be eligible for the welcome offer anymore.
  • Can I win real money playing with free spins?
    It is indeed possible to win real money playing with free spins.

    However, any winnings gained from free spins will be added to your account as bonus funds, and you must meet the wagering requirement before you can withdraw them as real money.

    For more information about the wagering requirements, please visit the wagering requirements page.

    You can also visit our Bonus Terms and Conditions for further details.
  • Wagering requirement

    Wagering requirements are a series of rules that the player needs to follow in order to turn the bonus money into real money available for withdrawal.

    Wagering requirements apply to all bonuses, but each bonus may require different conditions, some are:

    • Minimum deposit: To redeem your bonus one of the requirements is the minimum deposit amount, which may vary depending on the offer obtained.
    • Time limit: Every bonus has an expiry date to be used, and if you do not meet all the rules in this period, you will lose the gains from bets made with the bonus money.
    • Bet Limit: In addition to the minimum deposit, BetGoals also applies conditions of bet limit, that is, the maximum bet you can place when playing with bonus money.

    To check all the rules and regulations of bonuses, visit our Terms and Conditions page, if any questions remain, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team.

  • How can I check the remaining wagering requirement?
    To check your current bonuses and all information related, including wagering requirements, follow as below:
    • Go to the "My profile" section
    • Click on "Bonuses" and you will see your active bonuses.

    You can also contact our Customer Service Team here to help you with the information regarding your wagering requirement left to cash out your bonus.
  • When can I withdraw/cash out my bonus winnings?

    To be able to withdraw/cash out any bonus winnings, you need to meet the specific wagering requirement. Wagering requirements specify the sum you must wager before you can withdraw any bonus winnings.

    If you received a  R$50 bonus with a 35x wagering requirement, meaning R$50 x 35 you must wager R$1750  before withdrawing any bonus winnings.

    Please also note that different games may contribute differently to meeting the wagering requirements.

    Every bonus has its own rules and regulations, so when claiming, please read all terms and conditions carefully.

  • How to remove a bonus?

    You can remove any bonuses from your account whenever you wish, allowing you to play with your own money without any restrictions on what you can play.

    • In your account, click on "Bonuses", to see all your active bonuses.

    • Select the one you want to remove and click on the "Forfeit Bonus" button to confirm your decision and you are done.

    Be aware! Dropping your bonus will remove the entire bonus from your account and in most cases any winnings you’ve earned so far. Any bonus removals are irreversible, so make sure you're certain before you delete them from your account.